Sunday, August 27, 2006

TV catch-up day

Got up early to prepare for the 8am service, got myself there well on time and found somebody else had already prepared it, so there was no need for me to go at all - damn it! Could have had a much-needed lie-in. Still, it was great not to have to be at the service (though, equally, it might have been nice to find out beforehand ...), so I left the linen and scarpered. Caught up with the napping once I'd got home.

Spent the afternoon catching up on Star Trek x2 (bliss!), Prehistoric Park (the last episode - I'll miss it - hope they make more) and How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria - phew, Connie is through once again! That's a relief. I think she's the best for sure.

Lord H and I were supposed to be popping in to Pete & Sue's for tea, but couldn't get in touch with them (no phone number and they're not answering email) so haven't gone as they probably don't think we're coming now. Never mind. It leaves us with a free evening, which is also good! I might do some poetry competition entries while Lord H is watching Songs of Praise - it gets it out of the way for this month. Am still worried about getting extra copies of Pink Champagne from Antony Rowe (, and also about how they want the cover of The Gawain Quest (Goldenford's next book), as the requirements have changed. I hope Rowe's people get back to me next week to clear up the muddle.

This week's haiku:

St Peter's Tiverton:
A sea of kneelers,
heady scent of incense. Still
my heart lies empty.

Today's three nice things:

1. My mid-morning nap
2. TV city afternoon
3. Not having to socialise.

Anne Brooke

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