Monday, August 14, 2006

Review and poetry collection longlisting

Review day today - not too bad. I think they'll keep me for another year. Felt pleased with the outcome, as I'd been honest in my form about the counselling, and the difficulties I've experienced over the last year on a personal level. The boss and I had a helpful chat about it, and have agreed I'm going to focus on personal development issues over the coming year - which is what I've wanted to do in any case. Onward and upward - one hopes.

Reflexology at lunchtime, which was bliss. Am already looking forward to my next session, post holiday.

In the afternoon, had an email from my agent ( who's happy with the revisions to "Thorn in the Flesh" and is going to send it out to publishers tomorrow. Wish me luck - I need all the help I can get. Please God, let someone out there like it this time. It's becoming more disheartening with each rejection of the novels. Still, on the plus side, it appears that The Surrey Advertiser have "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" on their bookclub site (, along with Zadie Smith, of all people. I appear to be a "much loved and respected author". Ho hum, they must be mixing me up with the Welsh poet, Anne Brooke - Gawd bless 'er. Heck, I can do a Welsh accent if I have to! They also have the online version of The Guildford Times Goldenford ( article ( And, strangely, I find that the Nantwich Writers' Circle has links to my website and blog - Gawd bless you too, Nantwich!...

At home, had an email from Cinnamon Press ( telling me that my poetry collection, "A Stranger's Table", has been longlisted in the collection awards. Hurrah! Not bad for the CV. And they're going to publish one of my poems from the collection, "Things I fold away", in their upcoming anthology, "Wherever". It's nice that more of my pieces are being anthologised, but I still long for that mythic single collection. Suspect I'm going to have to self-publish it next year, in the usual way ...

Today's three nice things (amongst so many - thank you, God!):

1. Poetry collection longlisting
2. "Thorn" about to be on its way to publishers
3. My review.

Anne Brooke

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