Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Poetry collection queries and The Gifting

Spent the morning typing up the Goldenford ( minutes and also sending out query emails to a few poetry publishers about my latest collection, "A Stranger's Table". I've decided that if nobody wants it, then I'm going to self-publish via Michael Holroyd's Poetry Monthly ( programme, as that seems a decent price and he's a well-known and respected editor. And, that way, I manage to avoid the sting of rejection in at least one part of my writing life - which will be a welcome change.

Managed to squeeze out another 1000 words of "The Gifting", and I think I'm about to start another action scene, which I always find easier. Tighten the screws up on the tension factor is what I say!

Attempted to visit Gladys, but she was on her way to the doctor's with the neighbour, so my attempt was thwarted. May try again tomorrow, but it depends on how the afternoon goes, to be honest.

Ooh, and the lovely Maggie Hamand from Maia Press ( is sending "Maloney's Law" to Gary Pulsifer at Arcadia Books ( as she thinks he'll love it. She's even said that if he says no, I should come back to her and she'll try somewhere else. Goodness, huge thanks, Maggie - I'm genuinely overwhelmed by your kindness.

A brief but much-needed nap this afternoon before Lord H rang to shatter my slumbers! An evening of tidying the flat up and doing the cleaning beckons, as we have Robin & Gavin for dinner tomorrow. So we'd best try and look normal, at least ...

Today's three nice things:

1. Doing more of "The Gifting"
2. Maggie Hamand's continued kindness
3. Making a decision on the way forward for "A Stranger's Table".

Anne Brooke

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