Wednesday, August 02, 2006

AA success and massage bars

No, it's not what you think! But, goodness, I had some weird dreams last night. Must have been the Pilates. First of all, I was taking a French exam, but I was the only one in the exam room who couldn't do it, and everyone else was fine. Classic stress dream, no doubt. And, secondly, I was driving across countryside with Lord H in a small sports car which had one of our green French breakfast cups balanced on the boot. And my mother was in some kind of a castle on the way. Hmm. When's my next counselling session? Not soon enough, obviously.

Finished off my care leavers research - again, very moving. I think the university really has to have a policy (and effective practice!) about this. We need to support the students wherever the need is, to my mind.

Good news on the AA front - they've finally agreed to award us a reasonable amount of money for the mess-up they've made of our call & complaint. At last, Lord H and I got to speak to a real manager, who could make decisions (hurrah!). Fair dos, though, he was a nice man and told Lord H (who sorted it out - for which he has huge numbers of husband points ...) that mistakes had been made and he thought we'd been very badly treated. So much so that apparently he's going to use our story (with names removed) as a training exercise for his customer service team. Good to know we have our uses somewhere! And also good if no-one else has to go through that, to be honest. Meanwhile, we await the cheque ...

Walked into town at lunchtime and bought more massage bars from Lush ( - one Therapy bar, as I love them (thank you, Julia, for buying me my first!) and one Black Magic bar (for those ... hmm ... wild moments!) - both smell like heaven. Also stocked up on the marvellous Pied de Pepper ginger foot lotion. Lovely!

Uploaded a review on one of the pieces on the You Write On ( site - a great short story which, I think, would make a fantastic start to a novel, by Roisin Moriarty. A fine writer. And, hurrah, "Maloney's Law" is currently Number Three in the You Write On charts - though this high placing owes much, I have to admit, to the fact that the first five were removed and put into the Bestsellers Charts yesterday ... We struggle on.

Today's three nice things:

1. Visit to Lush
2. The AA offer
3. "Maloney's Law" being Number Three.

Anne Brooke

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