Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lunch with Julia, and a good review

A much better day today - due, I'm sure, to me carrying around a dark green dental floss holder in my pocket all day - apparently green is soothing for nervous tension and the liver - and in the absence of the traditional crystal, well, what could I do??... Also lunch with Julia was great - had a real laugh and went back to the office aching with it and on a real high. Thanks, Julia! Consequently, my afternoon marketing/leaflets meeting was (almost) enjoyable and luckily short - and I am even enthused to update stuff next week. Possibly. Goodness me, the drugs must be working. Or maybe I should just floss more?

Got home to some good news - Gold Dust Magazine ( have reviewed "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" very positively and the review will appear in Issue 7 of their magazine (once it's published - as I've had an early courtesy copy. For which huge thanks, David Gardiner of GD. I owe you one. No, several) in the near future. It's under "Top Summer Reads" - fantastic, thank you, God. I needed a boost. I treated myself to a celebratory sherry in honour of the occasion. I'm becoming more like my Great-Aunt every day. Though, no doubt, my lemon meringue pie (should I ever make one) will never be a patch on hers.

Today's three nice things:

1. Lunch with Julia
2. A surprisingly okay marketing meeting
3. A good review of Champers.

Anne Brooke

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