Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Dangerous Man edits

Looked at "The Gifting" this morning for the first time in what seems to be - and probably is - ages. I felt very creaky starting to write it again, but in the end I managed to get some kind of flow and interest going, and did about 1,000 words. And I've a few ideas as to the next section as well, which is a relief. In the future, I think I'm going to try to do it more "as it comes" rather than forcing the stuff out - it's certainly more enjoyable that way.

Stocked up in Godalming with goodies from the health shop, and bought a cactus for home and for work. They're supposed to get rid of negative energy, so that will be useful. I'll take the long one into work, but the one shaped into four round plants I'll keep next to the computer. It's really rather sweet. And green too - so maybe that will help! Hey, I've bonded with it - result!

Popped into see Gladys this afternoon - she seems in fine fettle, and was hearing better, which is good news all round. Less painful on my voice and less confusing for her. Then I played golf with Marian - nice to be back into girlie golf again, and I didn't do badly. A par at the water hole - completely undeserved, I admit, as my ball bounced unexpectedly over the pond but, hell, who's complaining (apart from Marian)?

This evening, Sean at Flame Books ( emailed me over the edits to the first chapter of "A Dangerous Man". It's wonderful to have them at last - almost as if I might actually get it published rather than just dreaming about it! It's becoming a little more "real" every day. So I've got stuck into those - and have enjoyed the process more than I was fearing. The end product is, I think, much sharper at the beginning and better all round, so I've sent it back to him now and will have to see what he says.

Today's three nice things:

1. Doing more of "The Gifting"
2. Golf
3. Getting the edits for "A Dangerous Man".

Anne Brooke

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