Thursday, August 10, 2006

Writing and an evening with Jane

A lazy and much-needed late start to the day. Managed to get about 1000 words of "The Gifting" done before lunch though, in spite of it being slow going. I think I really have finished off that mountain episode now, and am ready to start on the air scenes - I hope.

After lunch, popped into see Gladys. She was very confused, poor thing - she'd rung me yesterday twice, but had left no message, so I'd rung back to see how she was. She was fine, but didn't know who I was, and ended up thinking a nurse was due to visit her today - when in fact it was me. I think we got it sorted out in the end, and at least the afternoon's her own! No more peculiar visitors ...

Had a lovely comment on my poem, "Leaving church", on the Writewords ( site, which has cheered me up. Thanks, Beanie Babe!

Tonight, I'm seeing Jane in London - hoping for G&Ts, food and wine, plus lots of good talk. She's really the only person (apart from Lord H) I can say any of the bad stuff to, and even then it's not all of it. And we have a good time too. But how I wish I didn't have to go up to London - I really hate that journey, and I'm not that keen on the city either. Still, seeing Jane will be worth it.

Today's three nice things:

1. The positive poem comment
2. Getting more of "The Gifting" done
3. Seeing Jane tonight.

Anne Brooke

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