Monday, July 31, 2006

Reflexology and editing

A fairly relaxed day today - with some very enjoyable moments. My editor for "A Dangerous Man", Sean Wood from Flame Books (, rang to say he'd nearly finished the editing process and would be sending the edited MS over to me by email over the next week or so. Which is good news! - it will be great to get my teeth into it again and sort the dang thing out. He says there's no major structural changes required (thank the Lord!), but he does want stylistic changes and a rewrite of Chapter One - which he's going to suggest things for. So I'll look forward to that during August. I feel very exciting about getting to grips with Michael, my main character, again. I've missed him.

Reflexology at lunchtime was wonderfully relaxing - but Sue, the therapist, is leaving to return to New Zealand at the end of August. I shall miss her - she's been lovely - but I can see it's a good career move etc, as she's setting up her own business out there and it's where she's from. There'll be a new therapist, Emily, taking over though - so all is not lost!

At home, I had a very enthusiastic email from one of Lord H's colleagues saying how much she'd enjoyed "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" - which added to the general joyfulness of the day no end! She's also an Essex girl - from Witham, a place I used to know very well. Also had an email from Writers' News magazine ( as they hope to do an article focusing on "A Dangerous Man" in October. What with that and the hoped for Writers' Forum magazine article, maybe autumn will be my season this year? Oh, and one of my poems, "Almost a cyclist", has been shortlisted in the King's Lynn Writers poetry competition. Riches abound today indeed - thank you, God!

Also, I've been hunting around trying to find somewhere to explore the spiritual side of life - as I'm getting very little out of church at the moment - and have come across an organisation who help people explore God and their spiritual journeys outside the normal church structures - - they seem okay and mainstream (in spite of being involved with the terrifying Greenbelt! - say no more, please ...) and are going to send me details of like-minded people in Surrey. It seems a step forward, but I'll see how it goes.

Today's three nice things (goodness, there've been so many...!):

1. Speaking to my editor
2. Writers' News wanting to base an article on my work
3. Lord H's colleague enjoying "Champers".

Anne Brooke

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