Sunday, July 23, 2006

A resignation

11am church today - so thank goodness for something of a lie-in. The service was fine, but the middle two hymns were very dull and went on for a lifetime. The sermon waxed lyrical about the wonderful example of the visiting preacher's aunt who'd led a very ordinary life, had never married but had spent her days looking after her parents and then a series of seemingly irritating old ladies until, one by one, they all died. This was supposed to teach us the value of charity - but actually I think the aunt probably murdered the old buggers - and a good thing too. They all sounded horrendous. What a life.

A couple of church people were kind enough to say how much they were enjoying/had enjoyed "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" - which cheered me up a little. We all agreed it's better than "The Hit List" - but, hell, people - what do you expect from a ruddy first novel?! At least I'm improving - one hopes!

And, finally, after the service, I told the churchwarden that I'm resigning as Sacristan, as I simply can't do it any more and want to withdraw for a while. It feels good to have said it at last. I hope they find a replacement sooner rather than later but, in any case, I won't be doing the job by Christmas. Thank the Lord.

Back home, had a very strange response from one of the people I'd reviewed on the You Write On ( site, which was actually much like his novel extract - too wordy, rather arrogant, and not thought through enough. Hmm, there's one person I won't be reviewing again in the future ...

Am going to spend the rest of the day chilling out and doing as little as possible. Hell, I deserve it.

Ooh, and I received my first personal/Goldenford hate email today - actually feel quite chuffed! - we/I must be making an impression on the writing world at last!

Today's haiku (inspired by a photograph in the local paper) is:

In the day's parched heat,
a gardener waters hedgehogs
hoping they will grow.

And the three nice things are:

1. Resigning as Sacristan
2. People liking "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice"
3. Being lazy.

Anne Brooke

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