Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Counselling and neighbour

Phew. Another ruddy hot day. Managed to get as up to date as possible, and fiddled around with the work website a little. If only we didn't have to use Portal - it's such a pain.

Counselling with Zoe at lunchtime - I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find anything helpful to say as it's been too hot to think, but in the event I talked myself to a different place, which actually felt quite useful. I think I'm gradually realising the need to move away from old ways/habits of doing and thinking things - and the fact that I don't know how things will be is making me feel rather vulnerable. Actually I'm not sure what to feel as none of the old instinctual "buttons" are currently being pressed. It's an unfamiliar place, but I suspect I'll have to stay here for quite some time, rather than rushing through to the next point on the road. As a result, we decided to book in six more sessions to take me through to October, and also I'm going to mull over doing some more personal development type stuff. That feels like the right way to go at the moment - deeper, not further ahead.

This evening, it's dinner with the neighbour after drinks in the garden, so I'd better put my social head on. Hell, or maybe I'll just chill and let the other buggers do the talking. God, that would be good!

Three nice things of today:

1. Dave & Ruth at work saying how much they enjoyed "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" - thanks, guys!
2. Counselling
3. The cool bath I'm about to have.

Anne Brooke

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