Monday, July 03, 2006

Shopping at Tesco - twice

Yes, shopping at Tesco, once at lunchtime for non-perishables and once after work for perishable stuff, has probably been the highlight of my day. It's been extremely dull. So dull it's probably an art form that some bright spark will probably find a way of packaging and selling to a publisher as a celebrity biography. Aren't most of them done that way? Hell, isn't most of publishing done that way? Even my one meeting - which would at least have got me out of the office for a while - was cancelled. Damn it.

As you can tell, I'm (a) depressed, and (b) pissed off. So, situation normal then. Came home to a rejection of "Maloney's Law" by Myrmidon Books. Bastards. They obviously have no idea of class. So spat liberally in their general direction and wiped them from my website favourites list. Not at the same time. Or at least not without a tissue handy. I think a mature response to these set-backs is always the only way.

Am also thinking of changing churches, or maybe sneaking off on the Sundays I'm able to and seeing what other strange folk do. Or maybe - a concept which is a lot more attractive right now - giving the whole thing a miss for a while and seeing how it goes. Hell, I've done that before, and it's so nice getting off the religious treadmill now and again. One wonders if the Good Lord ever felt the same - and, if so, I can't say I blame him.

Have just finished Gill James' children's book, "Jason's Crystal". Good series of adventures, a nice main character and a subtle message. Her writing simply flows, and leads you on - I love it.

Anne Brooke

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