Saturday, July 15, 2006

Dentist and facial

Now, there's a combination. This morning was my appointment with the dental hygienist (Lord H wimped out and has gone to Brighton instead to take photos - but I have booked us both another one in December, aha!, so he cannot escape so easily ...). She seemed to think I was doing very well, and my teeth are much improved. Thought of asking for a lollipop, but decided that perhaps it wasn't quite the thing ... Still, I had a scrape (ouch!) and a polish (mmm ...), so I am now smiling broadly at everyone I meet in order to show off my new shiny teeth.

An early lunch, and then into Guildford for a glorious Clarins facial. Ah, what would I do without them? Bliss. Had an age-defying one this time, so I am now only 24. Obviously. Also met briefly with Darren to give him his novel back, post-editing. Have done my best to encourage him to have a look through what I've said, change whatever he feels is right to do so, and then get the damn thing off to at least ten agents. If you ever read this, Darren - please take note. I have no idea why he's so unconfident, when he's so bloody good. It's a mystery. He also kindly bought me a lovely bottle of pink champagne (very appropriate) as a "thank you" gift - which will be very much appreciated, I'm sure - thanks, Darren! Oh and, while in Guildford, I also looked for slippers (how domestic I am - but hey at least I've managed to avoid the lure of labrador and pipe), but ended up with some lovely blue "posh" shoes from M&S instead. Nearly slippers then.

Back home, I settled down to do a few more words of "The Gifting" (at last! At last! - it feels good to be back, if exhausting), and have managed 1000. Also good news on the "Thorn in the Flesh" front - John ( says he's "extremely impressed" so far and is enjoying it. Phew, that's a relief - I've been really worried about my agent's reaction to the second novel of mine he's seen. Maybe he'll even keep me on for a while then. There's always hope.

And the invitation from MBA Literary Agents to attend the Harry Bowling Awards prizegiving evening in September has arrived, so have responded to that. I'm allowed two guests, apparently, so will be taking Lord H, and John. It's like having a bodyguard really ... I'll have to buy a new outfit. Maybe it's time for another shopping trip.

Tonight, Lord H is taking me out for an airing. My turn for a drink, I feel. Or several.

Today's three nice things:

1. John liking "Thorn in the Flesh".
2. The Harry Bowling Prize invite.
3. Being praised by a dentist - a veritable first!

Anne Brooke

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