Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Guildford Writers

Not such a bad day at work today - managed to get a lot of web stuff done. Went to the VC's presentation about the way forward for UniS - goodness, what a horrible management phrase. I must have been taking too many of those damn executive pills. Damn it. Anyway, he came over as rather more human than VCs should really be expected to be - maybe he's taking something too? - and cheered me up by saying that at last we're going to have an English Department. Hurrah for sense and the arts, I say.

Wandered round the art exhibition at lunchtime and bought some of the cards on sale. Dithered over a glorious papier mache snail, but where on earth would I put it? Even it was only £10.

And good news on the admin career front - we're in the process of streamlining all our endless committees (hurrah!), and the Pro VC has apparently asked for me to do his admin/minutes for the new chocolatey Student Affairs Committee - which is at a higher level that anything I've done there before. The bribes must be working then ...

Came home to find that Borderlines Magazine (Gawd bless 'em) have accepted my poem, "Silken", and will publish it in December. That's cheered me up. I'm not a complete writing dork then. Not completely anyway.

Guildford Writers (http://www.guildfordwriters.net) this evening - very lively indeed. Good fun too. Took the next part of "The Gifting" along for comment, and it went down well, with some good critique coming back. Much appreciated - and I shall get onto it soonest.

Anne Brooke

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