Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lunch with Pauline & Tony

Travelled down to Kent with Lord H for lunch with Pauline & Tony - a very enjoyable day. Good to catch up too. Still very hot, though I think it's rained a little, thank goodness.

Lord H has kindly updated Jennifer's book cover for "The Gawain Quest", Goldenford's next book (, so I'll be sending that to Jennifer, plus more cheques from "Champers" sales. Talking of which, Pauline very kindly bought a copy of "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" too - much appreciated, thanks, Pauline! Hope you enjoy it ...

Tonight, it's dinosaur city on TV - along with the Golf Open. Hmm, is there a connection, I wonder? Anyway, dinosaurs are great, so I'll be glued.

Today's three nice things:

1. Chatting with Pauline
2. Pauline's pineapple upside-down pudding
3. Dinosaurs on TV!

Anne Brooke

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