Saturday, June 10, 2006

Clarins facial

Ah, the bliss of a Clarins facial - where would I be without them? Had a replenishing version today, and discovered I have 275 minutes on my "Time for Me" card - so free treatments, here I come! Choices, choices ... I'd like to go for the aromatherapy massage, but we'll see. Also popped into Neals Yard and bought some milk thistle tincture, which is supposedly good for cleansing the liver (if only I knew where exactly my liver was ...) and some rose body cream (good for sensitive skins). Also got a free sample of their new frankincense body cream, so shall have fun practising being a girl with all that lot.

Lunch with some friends in Guildford, with Lord H - which was full of bad food choices, so no doubt my liver will be looking forward to its cleansing soon, poor thing. Oh, and I bought (ie I chose and Lord H paid ...) a skirt in M&S, so hey I can do two girly things in one day - result! Lord H & I shopped for tomorrow's golf lunch on the way back - pie & salad, as the thought of cooking in all this heat is just too frightening.

Ooh, and some indirectly good news - Alison Baverstock's new book, "Is there a Book in You?" is out on 30 June, and includes a contribution from me, as I've met her a couple of times. Doubt I'll be named though, as she's got loads of well-known authors to give her some thoughts, but at least I'm in there somewhere. So it's almost like being important - I wish!...

And tonight we're at the Guildford Choral Society ( Mozart concert in the Cathedral, so perfect summer music.

Anne Brooke


Hippy Writer said...

Hi Anne The clarins facial sounds great. I'm thinking of going for something really girly like that during my week off soon. I'll be out of the office from the 19th but I will be coming to writer's group on 20th as I can't wait to find out your reaction to the newer version of Scarlet. I know that they were just suggestions but they were good ones. My one downfall when I write is that I am too dialogue based without enough descriptions. I hope that your golf lunch went well.

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, yes, have a girly facial, Julia - they're great! And enjoy your week off (only a week to go!) - though looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday 20th.