Sunday, June 04, 2006


Church not too bad today, though it was obviously a day for seriously weird hymn tunes. This week's visiting vicar, Bob Heyes, was a nice chap, and seemed genuinely interested in our non-church lives - not like the normal sort of priest at all. He can come again. And he looked cute in the red (for Pentecost). Shame it's only for one week, and we're back to the white next week. Ah well. Had a good chat with one of our churchwardens before the madding crowd (all 35 or so of them - goodness, that's not bad for St Peter's ...) arrived. Told her how the counselling was going - which is, basically, six more to go, and I'm feeling better about God (now that's a bloody miracle in itself, eh?), but who knows when the next "down zone" will be.

Slummed it for the rest of the day - caught up on yesterday's "Doctor Who", and also the Robin Williams' film, "One Hour Photo." Depressing indeed. It's made my head feel full of noise, which in a day as hot as today isn't great. Oh, and talking of "Doctor Who", Billie Piper will be opening our church/village fete at Hascombe on 19 August, and judging our children's fancy dress competition. The theme is "Doctor Who", so how can she refuse? And Chris Evans will be running one of our stalls - but please God no more of those dreadful zip-up ties, which turned up a few fetes ago. Mind you, we had fun with them in the end, if only as a talking point ...

In order to salvage the dregs of my meagre spiritual life (such as it is), I've decided to try for 5 minutes silence in the evening, and factor in 5 minutes silence in the morning as I'm reading through my "Daily Bread" notes. Mind you, as my morning Bible study/thought period (if I can call it that ...) is always done while I'm on the exercise bike, silence might not be the operative word. Hell, even I know it's not how Christianity is supposed to be, but hey it's the best I've got so don't knock it!

And this week's haiku is:

Things I learnt at Longleat
Gorillas love TV;
giraffes glide like slow angels;
meerkats do stand up.

Anne Brooke

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