Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My 42nd birthday

An up and down day today. Had some lovely presents and unexpected surprises - people dropped in at work and said nice things and gave gifts, so that was lovely, and very much appreciated. But the shadow of tomorrow's launch for "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice", not to mention the intensity and worry of the weekend's Annual Writers' Conference ( is hanging over my head like the proverbial sword. It feels as if everyone is expecting so much in a very short timescale which I simply don't have the ability to perform. Quite stressful really.

Work-wise, the day was long - not much to do at all really. Did have a nice lunch with the office crew. And Lord H sent roses & lilies - again, much appreciated. Wish I'd been at home though - could have done with the sleep.

Actually, and to be honest, I'm not sure I like being 42. It seems so adult all of a sudden - so many years lived and nothing done, or achieved. And not writing isn't helping much either - it's all building up inside with nowhere to go. But, right now and unfortunately, there's no damn time to write; my days are full of PR, marketing, attempting to sell "Pink Champagne" and simple survival. Damn it.

This evening, I shall attempt to do nothing and watch "The Convent" on TV - surely that might make me feel calmer, at least? I'm just too hyper right now. Mind you, I did write a secret poem today, when I shouldn't have - am fairly happy with it too and have uploaded it onto the Writewords site ( for comment. Am becoming desperate to write something on "The Gifting" though. We live in hope ...

Anne Brooke

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