Sunday, June 18, 2006

First after Trinity

Church very dull and depressing today, though the sermon was fine - all about God not judging the things we do wrong, but instead looking for the things we do right. No idea why I felt so low about it all afterwards - I was fine before I went. Maybe I shouldn't have gone at all - might have been a damn sight happier if I hadn't!

Made a shopping list for tomorrow and washed the car, so I gain "good worker" points. Lord H took some publicity shots of me in the garden before lunch, so I can update the website (see below) and send some pictures off to those who've requested them.

Think the rest of the day is going to be slow and full of sleep. My favourite hobby really. Both of them. If only, if only ... There's a TV programme on about hearing voices tonight, so will be glued to that. Nothing wrong with the voices, m'lud, it's the only damn thing keeping me going. And, hey, sometimes they even make sense.

And this week's haiku, in honour of the bugger of a week I've had, is:

The week destroys me,
each slow step dragging my skin
to a weary hell.

Hey ho.

Anne Brooke

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