Monday, June 26, 2006

Defrosting the work fridge

Quite a slow day at work today - had one meeting cancelled (something of a relief), messed around with some other minutes and cleared my email pile. Walked into Guildford at lunch and visited Lush to stock up on products with my 10% off gift voucher (thanks, Julia!). In the afternoon, Ruth defrosted the work fridge and I provided essential advice and helpful comments while she was doing it - or possibly not. The ice monster was very determined, but not as determined as Ruth. At one stage, she was almost entirely in the fridge attempting to free it. At the point where we were trying to entice it out with a container of boiling water, Ruth wanted to know how hot the water actually was and decided to find out by means of putting her hand in. Hmm. Great move from a Health and Safety Officer ...

Oh, and I wrote a poem called "Waiting for the AA" - if I get nothing else from Friday night/Saturday morning's experience, I shall dredge up some inspiration at least.

Lord H and I watched "Dr Who" on the video this evening - good episode, I thought. And it all looks doom & gloom for next week and poor Rose. Ah well.

Anne Brooke

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