Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tea in London

Up to London with Lord H to see the Constable exhibition at Tate Britain - rather enjoyable and it brought back memories of where I was born & brought up - hell, I even recognised Willy Lott's cottage, without having to look at the explanation! Yeah, I'm good. Stared at the painting of the Dedham Vale to see if I could see my old home - Monk's Farm - in the background, and there was one which seemed to have a faint pink blob in the distance, but who can tell? Maybe it was just an accidental splash of the paintbrush? ... Afterwards, we wandered round some of the other galleries - Tate Britain does a fantastic series of themed leaflets, so I grabbed a handful. You can do a calming tour, a first date tour, a happily depressed tour, and even an I'm in a hurry tour and an I don't come here very often tour. Brilliant. Loved it. Just like those marvellous wines called "Great with chicken" - or fish, or beef or whatever. Why don't we get those any more? It saves having to think, a concept which is always top of my list. More like this please.

Then tea in Brown's Hotel with the Durham Gang. A good occasion and I even managed to sell three copies of "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" to those wicked people not attending next Thursday's launch party (you know who you are!). Still, money in the hand is worth two novels in the bush, so I'm not complaining. And the tea and staff were much better than Fortnum & Mason's, in my opinion.

Even managed to get home in time for "Dr Who" - goodness, what bliss it is to have a day in London and be home in daylight with an evening ahead. Every commuter's dream. And the episode in question was quirky and brilliantly conceived. More of that, please.

Did my weekly reviewing for the You Write On ( site - an interesting piece with a "woman in jeopardy" theme, but with more of a focus on the past - maybe too much. Some great descriptions though.

Anne Brooke

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