Monday, June 05, 2006

Lunch with Julia

First day back post-holiday wasn't as terrifying as I'd feared. Even managed to get all my emails sorted in the morning, which left the afternoon for messing around with the website and catching up on news emails etc. Never let it be said that my life is meaningless.

Lunch with one of our UniSWriters, Julia - which was fun. She's created a Yahoo Group for us, but Lord alone knows how I'm supposed to work out how to use it - I always find the Yahoo Group thing a great mystery. Like being trapped in an invisible net which won't let me go. I'm sure it will be wonderful when I can understand it. Much like life really. Or Ikea. If you're reading this, Julia - I'll try! I'll try, honest I will! I'm also hoping to link it in with a new UniSWriters website, probably attached to the Arts Office site, but am waiting for the go-ahead from Jo.

The hell that is Tesco shopping tonight. Why do I spend so much and yet when I get it home it's as if I needn't have bothered? We'll have demolished it all in a week, in spite of the fact I buy for a month. Ho hum.

Have just finished reading Nell Grey's "Three Magic Women" - the sequel/prequel to the utterly amazing "The Golden Web". The style is very rich - like eating good chocolate or drinking a fine wine - but I could have done with slightly more plot. The sex scenes are fun though - but have to say there were more of them and weirder (and who on earth doesn't like a lot of weird sex scenes?...) in "TGW".

And finally, have received the latest chapter of "Thorn in the Flesh" back from my editor (, which didn't have that many changes to make. Only another nine chapters to go before I'm done - goodness, this time the process is agonisingly slow. Even though she's fine, I might consider using someone else next time - we'll see.

Anne Brooke

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