Monday, June 19, 2006

Pink Champagne and Apple Juice publication date

Yep, it's finally here - my 3rd novel, "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice", is published today by Goldenford Publishers ( - thanks, chap(esses)! - and ready for consumption. If anyone out there would like a copy of this stunning new work, just let me know or you can order from Amazon, if desired.

Hmm, and I think it's finally sinking in that it's real ... had a low morning at work, but am feeling considerably brighter this evening. The lunchtime reflexology helped a hell of a lot too - the afternoon was much more relaxed and energised. Have booked in several more appointments to get me over this down phase. Hope it's going to help. Also had a nice and helpful reply from Zoe at the university Counselling Centre to my rather desperate email, which was greatly appreciated. That might just see me through till I see her next on the 28th.

Came home post-Tesco shop (more hell ...!) to find an email from my "A Dangerous Man" editor, Sean, at Flame Books ( introducing himself - so that must be happening too. Somewhere in the ether. Which is something of a relief, as I was starting to get twitchy about it, not having heard anything for a while. Nice to know that they're still there and working on it.

And have just received back the latest chapter of "Thorn in the Flesh" from that particular editor (so many editors, so little time ...) - - so only 5 more chapters to go and we're there, thank the Lord. Talking of which, God's not my favourite thought at the moment either, to be honest - but maybe I'll just have to ride out that one too, and see where it takes me. I suppose my relationship with the supernatural has always been something of a roller-coaster, so perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised if the church/God thing is difficult. Hell, I should be used to it by now. And you know what they say - you just can't trust Him ... hmm.

I was very impressed, while I think of it, with the "Voices in my Head" programme on TV last night - great stuff. Apparently we all have them, and it's part of creativity and being human. Hilary Mantel (author) was one of the people interviewed, and made me feel much more normal by saying that she always expected the characters in her novels to take over and say and do things she wasn't anticipating. Hell, nice to know I'm not the only one! What a relief.

And, finally, had some lovely flowers and chocolates delivered today in celebration of Thursday's launch of "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" - courtesy of my mother, who can't be there. Thanks Mum. Heck, if I'm going to get chocolates each time I have a launch, I think I'll have one every week. Do you think I can fool her? ...

Anne Brooke

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