Sunday, June 11, 2006

Golf day

Bloody hot today. Did the 8am service this morning - we had the difficult vicar (deep groan). I suppose there's always one in every deanery. Just wish he'd lighten up a bit though and not complain about every little thing. The good news is that I managed not to strangle the wretched gent with his own stole - though I did find myself wishing that the trapped swallow in the church this morning might do a slightly more dramatic fly-past than it actually did. Hell, what do you expect? I've never been nice.

Had a nap after church, and then golf and lunch here (cold collation - the thought of hot food is beyond us ...) with Marian & Siegi. Lord H played fantastically well and got several pars and a birdie. Did my usual mother call this evening, so am cleansed of family demands for a week. Goodness, how well I play the dutiful daughter!

This evening, Lord H and I played TV catch-up - "Dr Who" (which I thought was great and, hey, Rose actually gets to be proactive this week!), and Friday night comedy. Saved having to watch the ruddy football.

Tragic news! - "Thorn in the Flesh" has dropped to Number 6 in the You Write On ( charts - ooooh noooo! Ah well, that's the writing life. And have edited another writer's chapters on the site - an excellent piece of work about a journalist and the devil - it's great. There's such good stuff around - why can't wretched publishers get off their arses, ditch the celebrity trash and actually publish some good novels? At least, it would make a change for them.

And this week's haiku is:

The white moth flutters,
a ghost in pursuit of dreams
in the cool blue room.

Anne Brooke

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