Thursday, August 06, 2009

Reviews, poetry and a sick Coolreader

I'm very happy to say that The Bones of Summer has been given a lovely review by Val Kovalin at the Obsidian Bookshelf - so thanks very much for that, Val - it's much appreciated!

And here's this morning's meditation:

Meditation 192

So great a fight:
from the slaughter
of nations

where blood
crimsons the earth
to the sharp sound

of a single slap
piercing the night.
Some questions

can never be answered,
and the answers
will never be right.

Really, there's a whole lot of violence in the Bible. Part of the fun of it, I suppose. For most of today, I've been working away on that pesky short story I'm struggling so much with. Ye gods and little fishes, but there might even be an end in sight. At some point. At least, I think I know where it's supposed to be heading, but whether it will get there in quite the way I presume is anyone's guess. I'm saving the sex scene till later - a treat for me for getting to the finish. As it were.

I've also had my interest sparked by the new online courses being set up by the Poetry School. I must admit to never being a great fan of the Poetry School before - it seems filled with people who I find quite snooty and feels very very cliquey and narrow, but the concept of a 10 week online poetry course is still very tempting. Mind you, no doubt if I apply, they'll take one look at me and burn the application form. But, hey, if I get in, at least I don't actually have to meet anyone. That'll be a plus!

Meanwhile, my Coolreader is sick. Terribly, terribly sick, Carruthers - perhaps someone should pass me the shotgun and the whisky and I can put it out of my misery?... It's stuck at that dark and light grey striped screen and will neither turn fully on nor fully off. Neither can I plug it into the computer as the computer doesn't recognise what it is any more. Honestly, the wretched thing is a bugger when I can't make it work. And the customer support is utter rubbish - I sent an email and they are still taking 48 hours to respond. That's ridiculous. Don't they have live staff?? I did try the telephone number but it doesn't work. So, I am distinctly Unhappy of Godalming, and am waiting to get back to my e-novels whilst drumming my fingers. That is, if I don't jump up and down on the pesky thing before anyone from ruddy Coolreaders deigns to get back to me ...

Still, I've cheered myself up by watching David Mitchell in Who Do You Think You Are, and that's been fun. What a wonderfully bitchy will his great-great-great-etc grandfather wrote. Marvellous! I wish I'd thought of it first. And tonight, there's New Tricks on TV too, so I foresee a relaxing evening ahead. Just as long as I don't think about ereader companies, eh. Arrgghh!!!

Today's nice things:

1. The Bones of Summer review
2. Poetry
3. Short stories
4. Courses
5. TV.

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Erastes said...

Congrats on the great review, Anne, well deserved. Val removed all my reviews, I wish I knew why. :(

That's terrible news about your cool reader - i hope it gets fixed. One more reason for me not to get one until they are safe to be left with one year olds - not because i have one, but that's the sort of abuse I'd give it!!!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Erastes! And how strange though - is it because she's changing her site, like Jessewave is??

The CoolReader people have emailed to say they'll send me a new one. Very nice, I'm sure, but what I really want to know is how often does this happen and what happens to the stuff on the old one!!!



Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

Yes David Mitchell on WDYTYA was fab. My favourite bit was a line from a letter one of his ancesters had written calling his landlord a "horrible bounder" - how great is that! I thinks there's something quite sexy about David Mitchell (something lurks beneath I think....)

Anne Brooke said...

I know! He is rather scrummy, mmm ...