Thursday, August 27, 2009

Walking with Dinosaurs

A brief blog today as I have to be out of the flat in half an hour and still have to brush my hair and powder my nose, my dears. So here are today's excitements:

1. Had a fabulous Clarins massage with Alice this morning, which was hugely early so apologies for the lack of poem - I opted for the invigorating oils this time rather than the relaxing ones as usual, so am raring to go. Though I suspect not for long ...

2. It was then straight into a cappuccino with Robin, and then lunch with Robin & Liz (hello, both!). We put to rights the world of books, song and politics. So everything's perfect now. Just in case you were wondering why everything felt different.

3. Tonight, Lord H and I are up at Wembley Arena to see Walking with Dinosaurs, and I'm so very excited about it that I think I might be sick. I love dinosaurs. And I paid a small fortune for the seats so they are truly brilliant. Lord knows when we're going to have time to eat - and indeed I may well be eaten during the evening, which would rather solve the problem. Who can say?

Today's nice things:

See above!

Anne Brooke - wondering if I can fit a dinosaur into the flat ...
Disasters and Miracles - the everyday life of Bible folk


Lorix said...

Have a fabulous time Anne! I had no interest in dinosaurs until my 5year old daughter began to get hugely interested and now I'm as fasinated as she is (though she remembers far more information about them than me!!)
Not quite as exciting but we're off to the dinosaur park here in Norfolk this weekend as an end of holidays treat for the children - it's one of our favourite days out!!

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh have a fabulous time in Norfolk, Lori - sounds amazing!!

The dinosaurs tonight were utterly wonderful - soooo clever and breath-taking. The only downside was we were 30 mins late as they shut the M25 and we were driving for 2.5 hours instead of 50 mins!



Jilly said...

Maybe they'll do you a miniature dinosaur to keep in your flat Anne - sort of like a dog or a cat!

That dinosaur park in Norfolk is excellent and very popular. People I knew when I lived in Norfolk used to borrow children so that they felt better about going and enjoying it.

Anne Brooke said...

I could knit my own, Jilly, tee hee!


Dinosaur - not child, btw!!!


Glynis Peters said...

I remember the Dinosaur park in Norfolk, gosh my kids loved it. They are adults now so it has been going a few years.
You sound as if you had a busy day Anne.

Anne Brooke said...

It certainly sounds like a great place - I must get myself there when next in Norfolk!