Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Human Love and the strangeness of cheese

I’ve uploaded my review of Andrei Makine’s Human Love onto Vulpes Libris today. It’s a very political beast and I’m seriously not sure about that mozzarella line. Ah well. As you can tell, I wasn’t greatly impressed.

Talking of Vulpes, I’ve now read Ian Kelly’s biography, Casanova, and what a wonderful piece of work it is too. I can thoroughly recommend it – an intelligent, witty and eye-opening book. I’m looking forward to writing my review on it for sure.

At work, I’ve been getting to grips with typing up the second meeting of Monday and managed to get the first draft done, hurrah. I’ve also been making changes to the office website ready for the new academic year. Though whether I’ll ever be ready for the new academic year is anyone’s guess …

At lunchtime, I walked into town and bought a watch as mine gave up the ghost on Monday and I’ve been living my life entirely by means of handy wall clocks and the computer timer. I do keep looking at my right wrist (yes, I’m totally cack-handed – neither a left- nor a right-hander, I fear) to see what the time is, but so far it hasn’t been able to tell me.

And, after much umming and ahhing, I’ve put my name down for the Poetry School online course. I seem to be the only one there so far, and am even now pondering on my pre-course assignment which is to write a poem about a subject I am passionately curious about. I suspect they don't mean write about me however. Ah well.

Meanwhile, I’m still making absolutely no headway with getting a replacement Coolreader machine. The company aren’t answering my emails though they are responding to Twitter messages, and so far the promised replacement isn’t here. I’m getting more and more angry and frustrated about it all, and it’s seriously putting me off my Coolreader, which up until last week I was very much enjoying. It’s very difficult to know what I have to do to make them respond with real action, other than chain myself to the MD’s front gate and bite his kneecaps as he shuffles past. Hmm, that might certainly be an option. Watch this space, eh …

Tonight, I’ll be glued to Who Do You Think You Are, and pondering that review of Mr Newhouse (anglicised). What a fascinating chap.

Today’s nice things:

1. Vulpes Libris
2. Books
3. A new watch
4. The Poetry School course
5. TV
6. Pondering reviews.

Anne Brooke - searching for something to be curious about
Vulpes Libris – meditating on the mysteries of politics and … um … cheese


Lorix said...

Why not write a poem about you, it's very likely to be one of a kind!! (especially if you are the only one on the course:-))
I'm also looking forward to Who Do You Think You Are, looks like a particularly interesting one tonight.
Not that I'm particularly a fan of Kim Cattrel, but in the programme clips it mentions her grandfather going missing and sounds very intriguing.

Anne Brooke said...

Still laughing, Lori!! You have me down as a self-obsessed Essex slapper and you'd be right!! Lord H said just the same thing ...


Yes, I can't wait for tonight - looks fascinating.

Hugs galore


Lorix said...

Nothing wrong with being a self obsessed essex slapper I'm sure - after all it's worked out quite well for some certain, er, 'celebrities'!!
Besides who isn't self obsessed? Essex is great and I'm not commenting on the slapper bit!!

Anne Brooke said...

Tee hee! - maybe I should do a poem about Essex?? !That would terrify them ...




Anonymous said...

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Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Anon - glad you liked the post!

All good wishes