Friday, August 14, 2009

Glorious golf and off-the-wall stories

Marian and I had a wonderful game of golf today - I think it's the best we've ever played. And we both got two pars apiece - bliss! Really, it was one of those rare and perfect golf days where I could have spat at the ball and it would still have gone in the hole. And even the sun was shining. What could be nicer?

I've also been working away on my piece of short fiction - which at over 1000 words now has definitely gone beyond the boundaries of flash fiction. Especially as I think I'm probably only about a quarter through. At some point I'm going to have to move it into a different file. And think of a title. Strangely it's turning into a story about a prostitute who doesn't have sex and his dealings with a stranger who may, or may not, be from another world. Lordy, but I like to make it tough. Hey ho.

Meanwhile, here's today's poem:

Meditation 198

For the priests
no land
is allotted.

Enough for them
to possess
those killed

in God’s name,
to nurture by night
the eternal flame.

Keeping on the subject of writing, I've finished reading Remastering Jerna, Ann Somerville's upcoming book from PD Publishing, which she's been kind enough to send me for comment. I have to admit straight up that BDSM simply isn't my scene and I had to skim through those sections with my eyes half shut and my teeth gritted, but I absolutely loved Jerna as a character - he's wonderful and I've been worrying and thinking about him a lot, even when I haven't been reading. I also thought the setting was top notch and the tension and complexities of the plot first class. It's being published sometime late Summer (not quite sure when), and I can certainly recommend it, with the proviso that you might have to grit your teeth now and again if you're not a fan of the genre. But if you are, enjoy!

There you are - from religion to sado-masochism in one easy move. Though perhaps that move isn't such a long stride as people may imagine (hush my mouth)...? In any case, never say this journal isn't inclusive, eh.

Meanwhile, the CoolReader saga has taken a more positive turn (hurrah!). Susan (also known as Erin) on Twitter has sent me a very human email - my first from them, I think, and thank you, Susan, for it. I've now sent back the old broken machine via Lord H's work, and am waiting to hear when they might deliver my new one. I hope it's okay from now on in - as, contrary to popular opinion, on the whole I'd really rather not have to be cross.

This afternoon, I've been to my Alexander Technique lesson and my back now feels much freer than it's been for a few days. It's odd how you don't notice the problems until someone puts you into the right position again. I must remember to focus more.

Over the last couple of nights, Lord H and I have been trying to watch for the shooting stars display that happens each year around this time. We've been lucky in the past, but not so far this year. Two nights ago, it was too cloudy and last night we saw nothing even though we set the alarm for 2am (how brave!) and stared determinedly at the sky for half an hour. Not sure whether we'll try again tonight - we'll see.

Today's nice things:

1. Golf
2. Writing short stories
3. Poetry
4. Jerna
5. Alexander Technique
6. The possibility of meteors.

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Casdok said...

From religion to sado-masochism - sounds interesting!!

Anne Brooke said...

And back again - that's worse!!