Monday, August 03, 2009

Catching up, Deans and a double dose of shopping

I’d almost forgotten the rather strange incident of today’s Bible reading, but here’s my take on it:

Meditation 190

For Joshua
the sun stands still
over Gibeon,

and the moon
over Aijalon
ceases its nightly dance

until the battle is won.
So humanity
gains a day

while a city dies
and nations fall,
and little is gained

at all.

Joshua’s life was certainly complicated, poor chap. As is mine today (though not, thankfully, with such dramatic repercussions) as the boss is back and we are frantically catching up with the thousands of things we now have to do in order to survive August. There’s barely been time to breathe.

Sadly today, the Dean has retired from his role and gone back to the simple (ho ho) world of academia – so goodbye, Colin, and we’ll miss you. And hello, new Dean Dave. It’s all change here at the coalface, you know. Meanwhile, we have an even more complicated and mind-boggling appraisal form to fill in (oh joy of joys indeed) so I’ve had to transfer the information from the old form I’ve already completed into this delightful new receptacle. As an added bonus, it has lots of questions asking me about my competency levels. Lordy, who the heck knows??? I think I might just put zero and hope for the best. It’s what it feels like anyway. However, it must be progress as it’s neither intuitive nor easier than the old form to complete. Sigh.

Still, I managed to pop out at lunchtime and get some food shopping (yawn), which made my post-work food shop slightly shorter (hurrah!). I’ve also written a poem based on animals but I’m not entirely convinced about it. Ah well.

And today’s Rainbow Extravaganza is focused on James Buchanan, and the competitions continue, so don’t miss out! Ooh, plus the lovely Lynda Mangoro on Facebook has read The Bones of Summer and has emailed me to say how much she loved it. Well gosh and thanks, Lynda - so glad you enjoyed the read!

Tonight, I’ll be glued to Part Two of the wonderful Rupert Everett/Lord Byron combo, as it were – now there’s a thought …

Today’s nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Rainbow Extravaganza
3. Comments about Bones
4. TV.

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