Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Great Information Gatherer and holiday memories

On this rather grey start to the day, here’s this morning’s meditation:

Meditation 207

East of the waters
the question

of where your heart rests
overflows the sense.

is a binding power,

leading you
through unsung paths

where even now
you fear to pace:

follow it.

At work, with Clare’s help, I’ve finally got hold of some of last year’s reference sheets for Freshers’ Week so have spent most of the day attempting bravely to update them. My goodness, what a lot of information we seem to need for that week. It’s a never-ending well, my dears. Will I ever reach the bottom (as it were)?

Walked into town at lunchtime, mainly in order to get another journal. I always take one on holiday and the one I currently have doesn’t have that many pages left for any deep thoughts or inspiration that may flow my way in Italy, ho ho. I do find they come in handy – my holiday experiences in Bruges found their way into Kate’s story in Thorn in the Flesh, and of course my Egypt trip found its way into Maloney’s Law. I shall always remember that young boy, his very dirty basket of bread rolls and those Americans, Gawd help them. I hope they survived … Ooh, and I popped into Boots while I was in town and the totally lovely woman from whom I always buy my Clinique stuff (but I haven’t seen her for a while) took one look at me and told me my hair was utterly fabulous. How very kind! I didn’t think anyone in my “real life” but Lord H had noticed I’ve been growing it longer. It’s been a real boost today.

Tonight I am torn between expected joy and tears; it’s the last episode of Desperate Romantics and I’m already missing it. Please let there be another series – soon … My TV screen will be all the dimmer without it, alas.

Meanwhile, I’m getting into the edit of Hallsfoot’s Battle and can feel myself becoming quite excited about it again. I do love this part of the writing … um … battle. I’m being very drastic too about what I keep and what I add in. The snow raven is biting the dust, or possibly pecking it, and Johan’s point of view is going, as is the First Elder’s, these latter two to be subsumed into the viewpoints of my remaining four characters. Ah, the power, the power – it’s so satisfying.

Today’s nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Holiday journals
3. Hair compliments
4. TV
5. Editing powers.

Anne Brooke – power-crazed but beautifully coiffed writer sweeps through Surrey
Thorn in the Flesh – the dark side of the Surrey shires ...

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