Thursday, August 13, 2009

Poetry, sex and napping

Back to a more normal routine today, so here's this morning's poem:

Meditation 197

Old age
brings the knowledge

of all the noble acts
you have not done:

people unfought,
lands unconquered.

Sometimes you wish
you’d died young.

Keeping to the subject of poetry, I'm pleased to say that Callused Hands Journal have accepted two of my poems for future publication - thanks, Ivan! Always good to have something to look forward to indeed.

Anyway for the rest of the day I've been writing up my review of Ian Kelly's Casanova for Vulpes Libris. I've thoroughly enjoyed it too - what a great book and what a fascinating man! As I'm sure I'll say again, and probably again, when the review date comes up (as it were).

I've also been continuing my long-running and rather fraught emails with the CoolReader people. I've discovered that the best (or indeed the only) thing to do to get them to respond (for anyone else out there who has similar problems) is to send them private messages on Twitter. After several messages today, we finally have the following situation: they have told me that the information on my broken machine will be deleted. This is the information I asked them for last week and frankly it's astonishing it's taken them so long to reply. It's what I wanted to know - particularly as my own completed novels and one or two published short stories are stored on there. With that in mind, I've asked them to give me a date on which my old machine can be collected and my new one given to me - bearing in mind that it's taken a week to get here, I'm not convinced that will be soon, but we'll see. They've also offered me a voucher for spending on CoolerBooks, but as there's nothing on there I want to buy, that's not particularly great and I told them so. And really, I don't want a voucher - I want good, swift, intelligent service and a machine that works. So, I'm pleased I've finally got an answer, but we're not out of those pesky trees yet ...

And I've also been incredibly brave and had a nap. Apparently, according to today's news, this is a very dangerous thing to do as it brings on Alzheimer's and Diabetes. Hopefully not at the same time. Lordy, but is anything at all deemed to be safe??

Tonight, I'm looking forward to New Tricks, which is my comfort TV for that almost-midweek zone. Bring it on.

Today's nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Poems acceptances
3. Writing my review of Casanova
4. Napping - goodness how brave!
5. TV.

Anne Brooke - living on the wild side
Vulpes Libris: getting to grips with the man behind Ghosts and Lightning


Jilly said...

On the other hand not getting enough sleep - at any time - is also bad for you. At the risk of being flippant - life is a terminal illness and I'm all for getting enough sleep at whatever time of day or night. Sometimes it's easier to sleep during the day in this hot weather.
I presume if taking a nap brings on nasty diseases the European countries which have siestas must have a high rate of diabetes and alzheimers. Not that I've ever heard that is the case.

Anne Brooke said...

Very true - perhaps it's all just balance!


Lorix said...

Oohh I love a mid afternoon nap, not that it happens very often with two youngsters about but it is definitely one of my guilty pleasures!
And isn't Brian great in New TRicks, they all are but I think Brian is brilliant:D

Anne Brooke said...

Mothers always need naps - it's their right!!

And Brian is fantastic - I love him!