Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poetry, Coolreaders and Romantics

Phew, we’re onto Tuesday. At last. Monday seemed to go on for ever, really. Here’s today’s poem:

Meditation 201

Night wraps round
your body as you stumble
through silent trees

and soft grass,
dawn already milking
the too early skies.

Where you thought
to find
the solidity of stone

you touch only freedom
and the coolness
of linen.

As you can see, I’m focusing on the New Testament again, as the Book of Joshua has moved on to a list of towns the Israelites have conquered, and it’s really rather dull. Yawn. Keeping on the subject of poetry, I'm pleased to say that five of my meditation poems have been published at Thirty First Bird Review, and have been kindly described by Edward as "modern psalms". Gosh, thank you, Edward. You can read them by clicking on the link and scrolling down about a third of the way down that page. Enjoy!

Anyway, at work, I’ve had two meetings today, both of them squeezed into the afternoon in quick succession. Though I did manage to have a stroll round campus at lunchtime beforehand, which was gloriously soothing. The first meeting was to look at what the accommodation wardens are doing in terms of greeting Freshers when they arrive, and the second followed on from that by looking at how we in Student Care are getting on with our induction week arrangements. It’s all a muddle at the moment. At least in my head. But that’s par for the course at this time of year. Or is that only me? I’m sure it’ll all come together on the week. Well, I hope it will … Though that feeling of barely contained panic continues, eh. Really, I'm just nodding and agreeing with everyone and hoping it will all soon be over.

Meanwhile, my replacement Coolreader has arrived at Lord H’s workplace, and he’s even charged it up for me. Here’s hoping it lasts longer than the first one! And thank you, Susan/Erin, for sorting that out for me. It’s going to be great to get back to ereading again.

Tonight, that short story beckons me – I reckon I’m about halfway through now and I’m still not entirely sure how the ending will be. But that’s normal for me, so I’m not worrying about it. Too much. Thank goodness then for the boisterous joy of Desperate Romantics on TV tonight. Honestly, that script is the best and brightest thing (and so strangely underrated, Lord knows why) on TV at the moment. I’ll miss it hugely when it finishes.

Today’s nice things:

1. Not being Monday
2. Poetry
3. Poetry publication
4. Lunchtime strolls
5. Replacement ereaders
6. Short stories
7. TV.

Anne Brooke – muddled but desperately romantic, naturally …

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