Saturday, August 29, 2009

Skies, battle and song

I must say what an utterly glorious time Lord H and I had at last night's The Great Look Up event. The range of experts and telescopes was astonishing. We managed to get brilliant views of Jupiter, its rings and three of its moons, plus a ring nebula and a very very close look at the moon. I loved the whole thing. It was fascinating, and I would definitely jump at the chance to do something like that again. It really made you look. In a world were that doesn't happen often, I think.

Anyway, here's today's meditation poem:

Meditation 210

lies in the struggle

to clear its path;
gaze upwards

and let your heart

through a clarity
of angels.

This morning, I've been continuing the edit of Hallsfoot's Battle and have now worked out the complicated piece of editing. Which, like many things in life, wasn't actually as complicated or as fearsome once I got down to it. I'm very happy with how that section looks now. And, amazingly, I'm nearly half way through. Ye gods and little fishes indeed.

This afternoon, Lord H and I are off to our last Glyndebourne opera which is L'elisir d'Amore. One I really enjoy - it's such fun. This time we've opted for the pre-performance tea, just to ring those proverbial changes, so we'll spend the long interval sipping champagne and admiring the gardens. As you do. Ah, it's a tough life ... Though sadly it's the last of this season's operas so no more Glyndebourne after today until next year. The end of summer then, I fear.

Meanwhile, I'm in two minds about Ishiguro's latest short story collection, Nocturnes, which I've read on my e-reader. It's a very interesting and not a difficult read, with the stories focused on music and displacement. But it felt a bit "light" and I didn't really enjoy the title story, which went on for far far too long. The collection as a whole didn't really leave me with any sense of voice, and I have to say it's not Murakami. Though not bad. Faint praise, I know, but ah well.

Today's nice things:

1. Remembering the night sky
2. Poetry
3. Editing
4. Glyndebourne.

Anne Brooke - dusting down her posh frock and shoes
A Dangerous Man - which strange to say did once have a Glyndebourne sex scene but wisely I ditched it ...

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