Saturday, October 28, 2006

Patricia Duncker and dinner with friends

A lazy morning, followed by getting the posh crockery out ready for Keith & Brian coming for dinner this evening. I also had a "nice" rejection from Parthian Books for "Maloney's Law" as, although he couldn't include it on his list, he did give me a couple of other publishers who might be interested. So I've sent a partial off to both of those today.

This afternoon, I watched the first of the "Star Trek" triple bill on TV, and then went off to Guildford for the "Modern Fiction" Book Festival ( event, featuring Patricia Duncker. I think PD is absolutely brilliant and always buy all her stuff. Though I'm not so keen on her latest, I do love her evil, dark work so much - and she signed the books I brought with me, which was great! Also she seems a really nice person, and looked very chuffed when I said what a fan I was. Apparently, the next one - which I think is called "The Composer and His Judge" - is going to be evil and dark too. So that's a definite for my book list. Oh, the event was good as well - lots of discussion on childhood and modern literary influences, which was fun and eye-opening too. Nice to find out that PD is a fan of Rider Haggard. You can't go wrong with "She"!

So, tonight it's K&B for dinner here (see above). Lord H, as usual, is doing the cooking, and I'll do the talking. Always play to your strengths is what I say.

Today's nice things:

1. Star Trek
2. Patricia Duncker event
3. Seeing Keith & Brian.

Anne Brooke

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