Saturday, October 07, 2006


Lord H and I spent a day in Canterbury today. No particular reason - just because we could. We weren't as impressed as we'd hoped to be. The more I visit Kent, the happier I am to be out of it - except for the valued few residents whom we know, it strikes me as being filled with hard people who get angry and swear a lot. There's a terrible feeling of oppression. Surrey - and indeed Essex - is far nicer all round. Still, the Cathedral was very pleasant - I was particular moved by the shrine to 20th century martyrs. A lesson for us all. And the organ, which happened to be playing for some of the time we were there, was lovely. Oh, and finding the fudge shop - which I remember from my Kentish days - was great too. Naturally, we purchased.

At home, did a mad round of shopping and semi-cleaning, and then it's "Celebrity Come Dancing" with Brucie later on. Bliss.

Or it would be bliss if I wasn't rather depressed and in a "God but I hate the bloody mainstream publishing world" zone. Writing is a world apart, thank God, but the publishing big business is - as far as I can see - pure crap. Run by hard-nosed posh folk for whom the word "commercial" has become a god. Good writing is, unfortunately, a very poor second. I think I want as little to do with it as possible. Thank the Lord for decent small publishers. At least they're keeping some sort of flame alive.

Today's nice things:

1. The organ music
2. The fudge shop
3. Leaving Canterbury.

Anne Brooke

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