Thursday, October 26, 2006

Clarins treatment and Bridport longlisting

Spent a glorious morning having a Clarins facial and body treatment. Bliss. Hey, I'm worth it ... And when I got home, I discovered a letter telling me that my poem, "Kitchen Lion", had been longlisted in the Bridport Poetry Prize. Now there's some jolly good news - it's really given me a lift. All I need now is for someone (anyone! Please?...) to give me some good news on any of my novels and my literary life will be complete. Pause for hoped-for miracle ... Ah, sadly not. Ho hum. Still, I shouldn't be greedy. We writers are surely only allowed one piece of good news in a day (possibly only one per month) - isn't that a staple requirement of the publishers' handbook?...

Bad news on the friends' front. Poor Gladys has had a fall and a mini-stroke, so is in A&E at the local hospital while they sort her out, and do a million and one tests etc. Her neighbour will let me know how things are progressing tomorrow, and I'll see if I can pop into wherever Gladys might be to visit. And another friend has just been made redundant. Bastard employers! Can't they understand skill and genius when they see it?? I've told him to kick the blighters into touch, get whatever he can out of them and go and get a nice job with nice appreciative people. What a world, eh?

The rest of the day I've spent on "The Gifting" - another 1000 words done and I've finished the key naming ceremony section - hurrah! Lord knows what comes next - we'll have to see when we start typing again. As ever. Tonight I'm planning a crash-out night in front of the TV - once Lord H has got rid of the wasp (another bloody wasp!! Where the hell are they coming from??!) in the bedroom. Mind you, it should be dead by now as I sprayed half a can of fly spray at it. The only good wasp is a dead wasp, in my opinion.

Today's nice things:

1. Clarins treatment
2. Writing "The Gifting".

Anne Brooke

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