Monday, October 30, 2006

Lunch with Julia and two rejections

God, what a day. Felt really low and depressed. It's so hard to keep going when I'm in this pit. I just feel like giving up entirely and going far away to a place where (a) no-one can contact me and (b) no-one can ask me to do stuff. Basically, I'm just not that interested. Still, the day crawled by somehow. Lunch with Julia was nice, and it was great to get out of the office.

After work, I popped into see Gladys in hospital, but only stayed for twenty minutes as she was very tired. It was good to get away early and get home, where I don't have to pretend any more. I am sick to the stomach of having to do the social thing all the time and be nice, nice, nice. God, it's crap.

Big moan though, as Lord H is out on his theology course tonight, and I could have done with someone in the house. Thank God for the soft toys - at least it's something to hug. And sod how sad that sounds - it's true. Oh, and two rejections for "Maloney's Law", which has made me even more depressed. The first from Gomer Press I could understand as they don't take non-Welsh stuff (even though another Welsh Press recommended I contact them - deep sigh. Bloody hell, don't these people communicate at all?). And a second rejection and a very snooty, condescending letter from Linen Press. B***h. I won't be trying them again. And I don't advise anyone else does either. What a cow.

This evening, I was going to do some more to "The Gifting", but I can't be arsed. I feel too low. And I also think I'm coming down with another cold. God, it must be nice to be healthy.

Anne Brooke


Anonymous said...

I have visited your blog on numerous occasions and just wanted to say, thank you. To many of us, wanna be writers’, you are an inspiration, and to blog about your trials, tribulations and success, keep the rest of us going. After all, you are living the dream! I send off query letters with pre- stamped post cards for a response and still I get nothing. I don’t mean to sound like a, “look on the bright side” ninny, but for me, a snooty rejection letter would be a step in the right direction. I hope the next few days go well for you and the writing gods smile on you once again.

Nik Perring said...

Well said, whoever left that previous comment. I agree totally. To anonymous, all I can say is stick at it. Revise, revise and revise your script. It ony takes one to say yes. And Anne, who is (and really SHOULD KNOW that she is) a fantastic writer.

This writing lark is difficult; as is life.

Huge hugs, hinney.

Your friend and fan,


Anne Brooke said...

Dear both - many thanks for these words of wisdom - very much appreciated. And I also agree with Nik's blog (nice to see it has opinions of its own, Nik ...) about the keeping at it. And also double thanks for the vote of confidence - I'm off on retreat this weekend, so maybe I shall come back as a new woman! Maybe we all should (but probably not Nik, or Anon if male)...

Thanks again