Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Counselling and Request for "Maloney's Law"!

Finished off the draft mentor manual today and gave it to Carol for checking. Also started typing up a large font format copy of our new fees leaflet - once done I can add it the Student Care Services website.

Had a good counselling session with Zoe today - I think we decided that there were lots of fragments of me floating around, but at least I acknowledged their existence more now - the thing to do is get them into some sort of cohesive whole. Quite a task, eh? And only two more sessions to go with Zoe. We talked a little about what happens afterwards - and I'm beginning to feel that I'd like to explore this more and see what else I can do, so we'll discuss it at next week's session.

Food shopping after work (what joy!) and then this evening I've been doing a few last minute edits to "Maloney's Law" before sending it off by email to US/Canadian publishers, Kunati ( - who, ye gods and little fishes, have actually requested a copy! Please God, I hope they like it. It feels so positive to be at this point after all this time. It makes such a difference. Let's hope something good comes of it ...

Today's nice things:

1. Counselling
2. Finishing off the manual
3. Kunati's request for "Maloney's Law".

Anne Brooke


Nik Perring said...

Best of luck with Kunati, Anne. Fingers crossed for you!


Anne Brooke said...

Thanks as ever, Nik - you're a real sweetie!