Monday, October 09, 2006

Gallery stewarding

Spent most of the day doing my mentor manual project at work - have finally (at last! at last!) got all the text in, and now only have the (huge) task of sorting it out and looking at the style of the thing. Still, it is the more interesting stage now, so I'm not as worried about it as I was before. Famous last words, eh?...

Sat in the art gallery at lunchtime doing my stewarding session. Had more people through today, but no-one wanted to chat. Which is good news as I don't know anything. And it meant I could relax, stare at the picture of the beautiful green tree opposite and read my book for an hour. Bliss. I might do this more often anyway, whether stewarding or not. It's quiet and peaceful, and a break away from it all.

Tonight, Lord H is out at theology class, so I'll try to get more of "The Gifting" done, but I suspect my efforts will be minimal - I'm feeling shattered after the anger-filled weekend, and also rather emotionally sore, so an early night is desperately needed. And nothing on TV, damn it.

Today's nice things:

1. The art gallery stewarding
2. Getting to the editorial stage of the mentor manual project.

Anne Brooke

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