Thursday, October 12, 2006

Characters in Conflict

Struggled to squeeze out some words to "The Gifting" this morning - I was just getting into the zone (as it were) when I had to go and play golf. This is the life, eh?... Still, it wasn't the best round I've ever had - three air shots, dammit, though I made up with a par on the sixth. Honour was satisfied. Never mind, Marian and I still managed to enjoy it.

Popped in to see Gladys after golf - a very vague day, and she seemed very quiet, but that's the way of it sometimes these days. We had the same conversation several times. I didn't stay long, as she looked very tired.

Tonight, Goldenford ( are hosting a creative writing evening in Waterstone's in Godalming. The theme is Characters in Conflict - I've practised my section so many times I could probably do it blindfold while hanging from a lamp-post. Not a pretty thought, all in all. But no doubt I'll still be so nervous that I'll end up going to the loo at least three times before we start. How I hate these public events, but Lord knows they have to be done. I'd really rather just do the writing. But, for Goldenford's sake, let's hope some people actually turn up and we have someone to be creative with - now that would be good ...

Today's nice things:

1. Golf
2. The bit of "The Gifting" I managed to do.

Anne Brooke

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