Sunday, October 15, 2006

Recuperation day

Made a brave attempt to get to the 9.30 service today (goodness, how holy I am), but decided I wasn't quite up to it and it would be more sensible to stay in. I do feel a lot better after a decent night's sleep last night (at last!!) though. Lord H represented the household at the service - he didn't bring back much gossip apart from the fact that the church kitchen now has a microwave. Now if only I knew how to use one ...

So this morning, I've pottered around and cleaned, and this afternoon I've watched "Rumour Has It" (romantic comedy) on DVD - not bad actually, and just the ticket when you're not feeling up to much. Just about time for another nap before the evening turns up. And tonight is the final episode of "Jane Eyre" - Reader, I married him ... Yikes, have given away the ending! It won't be a surprise now ...

This week's haiku:

Fired up by Lemsip,
Lucozade and sleeplessness,
my slow night ticks by.

Today's nice things:

1. The film
2. Napping.

Anne Brooke

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