Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bloody rainy ...

... and it never stopped today. One moment okay-ish and then another half hour or so of torrential downpour. And so it went on. Ye gods. So far we've had three mini-storms (one not so mini) and one short electricity cut. Just like the 70s, as far as I remember them of course!

Haven't been feeling very well today, so have kept warm-ish and dry in the house. Lord H went off to do church stuff, including the grand opening of the new vestry. I'm not great at big parties, so am glad I missed it. Besides, I don't much care about the new room anyway, and am having a big "I don't really care about church so stop asking me about it" moment. Instead, I slept for two hours, watched some TV and did a barrel-load of reading.

Have just finished Susan Hill's "The Various Haunts of Men" which is absolutely stunning - couldn't put it down. Very well structured too, even though there aren't any actual bodies till at least a third of the way through. It was the psychology and characters which made it for me though, not the body count. A darn sight better than the other novel by her which I've read - the one about the second Mrs de Winter - that was dullsville UK until the very end paragraph where it finally took off. Still, this latest one is tempting me to read more.

And no need to phone Mum today either - she's in the Azores, so a week off from being a good daughter. Ha! Not that I'm ever that, not being interested in anything that smacks of family.

Will try to add a word or two to "The Gifting" later on, but it depends how the evening goes. I don't have a great urge to do any, so we'll see.

This week's haiku is:

The week is rain-full;
skies flow endlessly to earth.
I stare at the clouds.

Today's nice things:

1. Not going to church
2. Reading.

Anne Brooke

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