Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Writers and nutrition

Actually those two aren't specifically linked - though maybe they should be! Hell, we all need to eat. Didn't have a bad day at work today - sorted out those pesky minutes and had one or two other things which kept me going, so the hours sped by at an acceptable rate. Enjoyed the UniSWriters group at lunchtime - had so many manuscripts to look at that there was no time to do a writing game. And such a lot of good stuff too - it's a pleasure to be there. (And, as Chair, I'm always so bloody nervous beforehand, as I never know what to expect or whether they'll turn and rend me limb from limb ...)

At home, I did a quick spin through my emails, and then off to my nutrition/kinesiology appointment at 7pm (http://www.kinesiology4health.com) - this time we looked at what the eyes can tell me (most interesting), and she also made up a special Bach flower remedy tincture for me, to see how I go over the next month. I'm doing well on food & drinking water apparently - hydration is all! Especially in this weather ... Have booked another session in 5 weeks' time and will be interested to see how I am at that point.

Too tired (and hot) to do much else when I got back. Did add a link to my website - Nik Perring's site (one of the Writewords - http://www.writewords.org.uk - authors) is now up there - http://nikperring.tripod.com - and his site looks good too - great stuff, Nik!

Three nice things of today:

1. Some positive comments on my Writewords interview
2. The way the day went generally
3. UniSWriters

Anne Brooke

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