Saturday, July 08, 2006

Haircut & 70th birthday party

Haircut today - thank goodness, as I was beginning to look like a yak. Did my level best to persuade hairdresser to purchase a copy of Champers, but she just wasn't biting, damn it. Still, her loss ...

Lunch at a my old poetry tutor's 70th birthday party down the road - he didn't want presents, so I gave him a copy of - yes, you've guessed it - Champers. Quite a nice party and they have a lovely garden, but I'm not a great fan of crowds of people milling together. It was good to catch up with an old poetry friend, Angela, though. Lord H and I left at the right time however, as another acquaintance, whom I don't particularly care for, was arriving, so it was good not to have to pretend friendship for too long. Damn it, I can't stand the guy! Don't much like his poetry either.

An afternoon spent watching "Star Trek, the Original Series" and also "The Next Generation", as both pilots were on TV. Bliss. Nice to see those old shaky sets and fashions. Then, later on, it'll be "Doctor Who" and Wilde's "An Ideal Husband" with Rupert Everett. Bliss again.

Have also done some editing of Darren's novel - the fight scenes are good, but I do think he needs to thin them out a bit so we have more normal scenes, perhaps including the monk's relationship to the other characters, in between. That would give a greater depth, to my mind.

I've added a book publication section to the Guildford Writers ( site, so we get more exposure for our work there. And - joy! - Nell's wonderful review of Champers is at last on the Amazon site ( and ripe for the reading.

Anne Brooke

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