Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Not a bad day at work today. Did more induction week preparations and catch-up. Reflexology session at lunchtime - marvellous. Felt really chilled and relaxed afterwards, so have booked another couple of appointments. And in a fit of uncharacteristic holy enthusiasm, I made a mini-altar for myself from the Rejesus site (, which I have hidden in a place at my desk where I can see it but no-one else can. It wasn't that easy to work out the instructions though, and I had to end up using sellotape and faith. A rare combination.

Also, filled in my review form (groan!) - have tried to be honest with what I think the year has been like, but I do so hate filling in those wretched forms. I'll be glad when the review is over!

Great news on the holiday front - we're booked into Devon, so something to look forward to over the summer, thank the Lord. Now I've got the confirmation, I think I'll ring and book some treatments too in the hotel's ( health & beauty centre. Hell, I deserve it!

Tonight, Lord H is out at the "Reconciliation and Other Faiths" evening (another Diocesan summer school event) with the Bishop (no less), so I think I'll do some gentle editing of Darren's novel. By the way, last night's course offering of "Reconciliation and Confession" was very interesting, and certainly made me think. Maybe confession isn't something I'll entirely ignore in the future after all - might be worth a shot, if I ever have the courage! Another part of my health & wholeness kick maybe?

Anne Brooke

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