Sunday, July 30, 2006

Golf & lunch

A wonderfully lazy morning due to there being no church today - thank the Lord! I made the most of the lie-in. Got up late, sorted the car out, made a shopping list and watched an episode of "My Family" - always makes me laugh. I love Nick - no, I love them all. Goodness, the non-church-goers have all the luck - would that all my Sunday mornings could be like this!

Golf with Marian & Siegi - we all did very well today, I thought - though I was better off the tees than on the green. Isn't it always the case? The day when I'm brilliant everywhere on the course will be the day I know I'm in heaven. Lord H did particularly well, beating the lot of us, and so very nearly got a hole in one on the 9th - shame it only just missed the flag! Then a long, barbecue lunch at M & S's. Marvellous.

This evening, I plan to be very lazy - though I do have to ring Mother, do the morning's washing up and sort the rubbish out. Other than that, it's crap TV and bed. Bliss.

This week's haiku (as I'm soooo fed up with reading boring hospital poetry - get over it, people):

Give me no more rhymes
about hospitals and death -
take me to the air.

Today's three nice things:

1. Not going to church
2. Golf
3. The "My Family" DVD.

Anne Brooke

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