Friday, July 07, 2006

Reflexology & dreaming

A session of reflexology this morning, which has made me feel very chilled. I think though that, in some ways, I do prefer the sessions I have at UniS, as they're much more relaxing. That said, today, I almost fell asleep when my left foot was being worked on and had the glimmerings of a dream: I was walking into a bare room with thick cream-coloured walls, and there was an olive tree in leaf against the far wall. I walked into the room and laid down the novel I'm most worried about at the moment ("Maloney's Law" - why, oh why doesn't it sell??...) next to the tree. It felt surprisingly good to be there. Hmm, quite religious for me, I suppose, but there you go. Inner nourishment is obviously the key right now.

On the way home, I listened to (if that's the right phrase ...) the two minute silence on the radio to remember the London bombings of last year. A terrible event indeed. Why can't people learn that we're all human, and need to work through things together? Why does there have to be fighting and such anger? Surely one day, there'll be one people, one world and one community - or perhaps that'll only be true in heaven. A dream to pray for anyway. In the meantime, we have to remember the dead and those who miss them.

Did some more editing of Darren's novel again today - slow and steady does it, I think. Also had a late afternoon nap, and then popped into Godalming to do some shopping. Managed to get everything I needed (including another fan to replace the one Lord H and I broke yesterday - doh!), except the Christian bookshop was shut, so I couldn't search for a more normal set of Bible notes. Do they do any for fed-up Christians with a hatred of church but a sneaking suspicion that God might not be as bad as expected? Or maybe I'm asking too much ...

And, hurrah, I've booked our holiday! Lord H and I will be off to Devon later on for four days' golfing and relaxing in our usual bolt hole, the Highbullen hotel ( Looking forward to great food, reasonable golf, an excellent cream tea or two at Exeter Cathedral (which does the best cream teas in the known universe, it has to be said) and maybe visiting Treacle, the Golden Guernsey goat I sponsor at Totnes Rare Breeds Farm. Hope he's not as enthusiastic as last time - I think he forgets how large he is now! Might even book a beauty treatment or two as a treat. For me, not the goat. We'll see.

And, oh hell, better start the cleaning soon. Bugger.

Anne Brooke

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