Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Counselling and two rejections

A bloody hot day. Too hot to think in. Once again, the fan spent most of the day two inches from my left ear. Managed to do a bit of work on the care services website though. Had another session with Zoe (the counsellor) at lunchtime. It feels as if I'm treading water at the moment, but that a shift is taking place inside in terms of the way forward. I think on Sunday I'm going to say that I no longer want to be sacristan at church. Have discussed with Lord H and he's okay about it. Well, maybe not great, but okay - which is probably all I can expect. I think I need to give religion a rest for a while, and see how things go. Whatever, it's all very exhausting and a bit scary - but at the same time rather liberating. I'd like to shed a lot of stuff, and not worry about refilling the gap. Space and time 'r' us, I think.

A round of (rather hot!) golf with Marian after work - very enjoyable, but I only beat her by one point - oh no! We weren't bad both off the tee & on the green - hurrah! I even got a par on a hole I never have before. Double hurrah! Mind you, that won't happen again in a hurry ...

Got home to find that Robert Hale have sent my "Maloney's Law" submission back, saying they don't deal with novels which have already been published, albeit privately - and they think it must have been published as it's been shortlisted for the Harry Bowling Novel Award. Well, bloody hell, where have these people been? Don't they know anything about the literary world?? I ask you! Everyone who's anyone knows that the HBN Award is for unpublished novels. "M's L" has never had an outing - and it really ought to! I intend to email RH and tell them so, in no uncertain terms - or I would if bloody, bloody Compuserve was anywhere near working this evening (I am writing this on another server which doesn't - unfortunately - hold my email account ...). Though, having said that, I'm not sure I actually want them to consider my stuff if they're quite so dumb! Added to which, Happenstance Press have rejected my collection and sent a queasily "nice" (or, rather, "nace") letter telling me (a) how much they liked my stuff but it "wasn't quite right for them" (don't these people have other dull cliches they could use?? - a bit of originality would come in handy sometimes, you know ...) and (b) how "nace" I am - well, sod that for a game of soldiers. They're definitely off my favourites list (once I get back onto the bloody computer properly) and they can take their irritatingly "nace" phrases and stuff them up their arses. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, dearie. I won't be bothering with you again.

Three nice things that happened today:

1. Counselling
2. Golf
3. My Nutrigold order turning up (makes a change, and takes another load off the worry sheet).

Anne Brooke

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