Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ladies who lunch ... and golf

I haven't stopped once today. Lord H and I got rather hammered at the neighbour's last night, and I woke up at 4.45am ready to start the day - felt shattered later, and didn't drag myself out of bed till 8.30am, when Lord H was about to leave for work. Staggered around for a while, and then managed to get myself to Irene's on time for the Surrey Advertiser photographer to come and take photos of the three Goldenford authors ( - there's an article about us which apparently will be hitting the press sometime over the next two weeks.

Immediately after that, had lunch with a work friend who's now a temporary Lady of Leisure - she's off on a round-the-world trip in the autumn. Sounds like my idea of hell, but people should be allowed to fulfil their dreams - it ought to be law! During lunch we were mugged by wasps. They won. Then off to my weekly visit to Gladys - who's suffering from the heat and very confused. Then again, aren't we all? I didn't stay long, but I did manage to drop her birthday present on the table without her getting too stressed - she does hate fuss so. Mind you, as she's 90 next week, there ought to be a bit of bloody fuss. Hey, if it were me, I'd be telling the street and demanding jewellery and nubile young men (which probably means 70-year-olds ...)

To round off the day, golf with Marian. Hell, I was rocking - must be the hangover. Managed to get my best score ever! So I suspect I've peaked for the summer now, and should quit while I'm ahead. Ah, if only I had the sense.

And - joy! - someone I've been in contact with via the Independent Authors website ( has bought a copy of "The Hit List", and their cheque arrived today. A great shock - that one hasn't sold for a while ... Hope you enjoy it, Taff! But, to my mind, "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" is the better book.

Tonight I'm finishing off Lord H's theology typing and, if I can sneak it in, maybe I'll do the odd line of "The Gifting" too. You never know your luck.

Today's three nice things:

1. The Surrey Advertiser photographer (who recognised me from my poetry book launch two years ago - astonishing!)
2. Golf
3. Finishing the day still standing.

Anne Brooke

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