Friday, July 28, 2006


My first back massage by Pip in her new company home today - a half-hour of bliss. Booked another for next week too - so Friday is becoming my chill-out zone. The half-hour seemed to whizz by and felt like only five minutes.

At home, I did my weekly review of work on the Bewrite ( site, the Writewords ( site and printed off a short story to review from the You Write On ( site. Ooh, and "Maloney's Law" is now Number Six in the YWO charts - it would be nice (with my competitive hat on) to get a little higher but I'm not holding out much hope! Also uploaded a new poem onto the Writewords site, and Joanie has (once again - thanks, Joanie!) been the first one to comment - a positive response, which is nice.

And struggled to squeeze out a few more words of "The Gifting" today - but, my goodness, it was an effort. I still have poor Simon on the mountain, and he's a bit to go yet before he moves on. It's too hot for him, and it's too hot for me.

Tonight, post-cleaning, I'm hoping to do more chilling-out but, in this weather, that most definitely isn't the operative word. Roll on the cooler weather.

Today's three nice things:

1. The back massage
2. The positive reponse to my poem
3. Finding some Vitamin E body oil at the shops, which I'm looking forward to using.

Anne Brooke

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