Saturday, July 29, 2006

Amazon review and Flame news

Another very positive review on Amazon ( for "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" - thank you, Prospero! Much appreciated. It really cheered me up. Have spent most of the day doing more to "The Gifting" - it came a lot easier than yesterday, thank goodness, and I have even finished (I think!) the mountain scene, so am ready to move to the skies' episodes. I'll pause it there, until at least tomorrow - no point starting a new strand now. I feel less guilty about being on the computer at a weekend, as Lord H is out taking photographs. Hope he'll bring back a takeaway when he returns - which would be heaven ...

Oh, and Flame Books ( have contacted me about their publication of "A Dangerous Man" - apparently, Sean, my editor, is working on it, and should be in touch soon. It was so good to get the message, as I've been feeling twitchy about it, and wondering pathetically if I've been forgotten. I suppose it's hard to see it from the publishing point of view, as to them I imagine months flow by quickly, whereas to me, each minute without communication seems like a day. At least! Good to know I'm still in the system though. I'll have to learn publishing patience!

Was glued to a double bill of Star Trek on TV over lunchtime - bliss! And tonight it's the Sound of Music programme on finding a new Maria - the Surrey hills will no doubt be alive with the sound of music - and I'll certainly be singing along! Heck, it should have been me - I could have been a star!! But I grew too tall - oh damn, that's my ballet excuse. Ah well.

Today's three nice things:

1. Amazon review
2. The email from Flame
3. Star Trek x2!

Anne Brooke

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